What is search engine gateway?

Navino began recently the service of gate of a search engine. For the majority of Internet surfers of a collar of a search engine - quite new concept in comparison with meta a search engine or many search engine. Insert its idle time, it is web service which presumes to look for to you the best information from the best suppliers of a content in one website.

When we try to consider information daily, the majority of us could go in Google.com. Yes, it is true. The most part of time of Google works well. But Google returns the best information? I assume that you would agree that the algorithm of ranging of a search engine could give only the good answer, but not the best. Well, you can ask, where I can receive the BEST? The best information on weather? The best information on the book? The most favorable price for your favourite MP3 player? The short answer from a brain from chosen information of a hand. Therefore, Nevino's editors and their users allocate it, the best weather website - weather.com, the best book website - Amazon.com, the best health website - ERI, and information on the most favorable price - froogle.

Besides the chosen information resources of the best hand, Navino also provide technology of gate of a search engine. Using this technology, you can look for all best website in Navino. Everything that you should make, should add a unique name of search before your keywords of search.

For example, if you want to look for weather of New York, you can look for with ‘weather New York', and you will be sent weather.com with a keyword 'New York'. If you want to look for books of finance, you can look for with ‘book finance', and you will be sent Amazon.com with a keyword 'finance'. If you want to look for the most favorable price the favourite MP3 player, you can look for with ‘a price MP3 player', and you will be sent to froogle with 'mp3 player' keyword.

Gate of the search engine Navino are very convenient for your daily web surfing. In addition, Navino also provides to the users to adjust their own gate of a search engine and allows his users to recommend names of search of public use.

What is search engine gateway

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