There’s no mystery in the IP address!

The computer - very difficult device which we use for ours every day, comfort and importance of some its numerical aspects sometimes neglect. For example: the various number is given to each computer when his user goes online or when it is a part of a network. This number - the IP address, and knowing about it resembles knowledge, where do you live …

What my IP also that is designated by its numbers?
IP stands for the Internet Protocol and the address are created from 4 numbers separated by the periods. The IP address format - 32-bit numerical, and each number can be from 0 to 255. The IP address consists of two parts: at first everyone represents network number, and it is similar more than for one user (as street number), and the second represents a name of a host which differs for each user (as house number). To increase number of available IP addresses within big networks with a large number of users or small networks with few owners, the address is divided into 4 classes (A, B, C, and D)

Having the IP address it resembles surname existence in a network. To identify the computer in a network (the LOCAL LAN NETWORK, the ALL-PALE network of area or on the Internet), it should have an IP address. This number is similar to phone number or the postal index. It is unique and without it, the device or the computer can't be used in network area. Within the isolated network computers can appoint various casual IP addresses but if the private network has to be connected with the Internet, IP should be registered so that its uniqueness was checked.

Where I find the IP address?
Incorporate to a place which recognizes your IP address, and allow you to see it also. You can visit this place, for example: These IP of a place of Search are very convenient and very useful to others. The IP address can offer big information on the person which is loaded on the Internet and participates in a certain activity.
It - how illegal activity is sometimes found, and about violations report. The IP address speaks less about the user if it is dynamic because it changes each time when the user is loaded.
Other interesting aspect - that some people who have information from your IP address, are interested in a capture you the computer and use of its resources. It not is impossible! They can use the software which allows them to make it so, it is better to hide your IP, when you online.

Who gives me my IP address?
The IP address can be static or dynamic, meaning that it can be the same each time when you online, or it can change. The IP address is provided with the server through service under the name DHCP (the Dynamic Protocol of the Configuration of the Owner)

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