Password Unification

“It is simple, because you large, doesn't mean that you should be mute.” At first allow me to specify that I - one of those lifelong students. Not because, if love college but because I never can decide that I want to make. After introduction of some big vital changes I decided to clean the whole year from school. Yesterday I tried to be registered during this next spring semester to come back under way. Interestingly enough my account was put out of action … a look... It - where the entertainment begins. I expected that my account will be the disabled person who isn't a problem here. The problem consists in how it there were disabled people and messages which I received back from university. At first my account still worked to get access to registration of a class and a university door, but my e-mail was completely locked. It is a main issue of my concern. If the university had an incorporated technological structure login / that information on the password would be centralized. Disabled people of the account one place should be disabled people through the campus. Instead some departments damaged my account and other left this management while I left. The worst some parts of university left it partially management, but unsuitable. Whether strange not so? Why not completely damage my account rather then, simply PRETEND TO BE that it works only to give me an opposite error of permissions(check it out) when I try to USE a door in which I am already registered. The rule No. 1 “Never allowed the user to see an opposite mistake.” Creation of the appendix or network system at any level demands more then simply receiving the made work. The developer should occupy an extra time to construct functionality for the unexpected. In my case there should be two things. The friendly message explaining, why my account was disabled people and instructions on how repeatedly to allow my account. The rule No. 2“ Avoids a death circle; take an individual responsibility for a problem.” At first I spoke with the lawyer who told that I should speak with computer services. Computer services told to me to speak with registration bureau. The bureau of registration told to me to speak with the lawyer. SUFFER the FAILURE, never coming to an end loops are bad, not only in programming, but also in the real world. It, probably, avoided in each step, but instead a problem transferred to someone else. Everything that someone should make, there was research a problem, and they will know that the problem approached in the past. Finally the decision consisted in compelling someone to register my classes by phone rather then use of my account on the Internet.

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