Network Monitoring for Serious eCommerce

In the real world of firm come to every size from working not on hiring of businessmen as I to mega avenues as Wal-Mart.

On the Internet of the company come to every size, also, from independent ebook of page of sales with the web designer and the owner all in one, a gorilla for 300 pounds as Amazon, with more than one million pages who demands that all population of the small country served as the web designer.

If your site - the unique page, is an own network. But if your site so is more, and you have plans grow, it is a network or quickly becomes that. You need network control.

The majority of web designers of electronic commerce, at least, is a little familiar with website control. Many use control service of the website or the software to trace "period of operation" and "idle time".

In your local shopping center serious business demands more than the knowledge when street doors are open and when they are closed is simple. Serious electronic commerce should know more than, just during that time when the place is available. About it network control - all.

That supervises network control

Possibilities, your electronic commerce has one of the following, or uses one of the following remotely:

DNS servers: They are used to translate your name of a site, as www., to numbers under the name "IP address" which understand computers. If DNS servers don't work properly, end users are able not find your site and will receive a mistake. Usually only the external or remote control service will find such problem.

Ftp-server: servers of the protocol of a file transfer are used to help you
exchange files with the remote users. If you use FTP, control
service can make sure that always as it should be.

POP3 and SMTP servers: They are used to exchange electronic letters. If you use e-mail, possibilities - you, use SMTP and POP3. If your SMTP server decreases, everything who sends you, e-mail will receive a mistake, declaring that your post server decreases and can't accept entering e-mail. To tell that the impression it leaves your clients, badly, there would be an underestimation. If your POP3 server decreases, you will be incapable to restore e-mail from the mail box. Once again only external control will prevent such problem.

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