Crime Fighting Computer Systems and Databases

As the crime is globalized, the crime to fight - also. Bandits, serial murderers and terrorists cross frontiers, and borders easily, using the last advance payments in mass media, public transport, telecommunications and computer networks. The police - is 16,000 law enforcement agencies in, Unites, one only the states - never very much far behind.

Quotes from official Web pages of some of these databases:

National center of the analysis of serious crime (NCAVC)

Its mission consists in uniting inquisitive and operational functions of support, research and training to provide the help, free of charge, to federal, to the state, local, and the foreign law enforcement agencies investigating unusual or repeated serious crimes. NCAVC also supports by means of examination and consultation in nonviolent questions, such as national security, corruption and researches of a belovorotnichkovy crime.

It includes Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), Children's Abduction and Consecutive Murder the Inquisitive Center of Resources (CASMIRC) and the Strong Criminal Program of the Presentiment (VICAP).

VICAP - the national information center of data developed to collect, compare, and to analyse violent crimes - definitely kill. It compares and analyzes essential features of all murders and other strong violations.

Homicide Investigation Tracking System (HITS)

The program at Office of the General prosecutor of the State of Washington which traces and investigates murders and rapes.

System of editing of serious crime (ViCLAS)

Computer system of all Canada which helps specially trained researchers to identify consecutive crimes and criminals, concentrating on editing which exist among crimes the same criminal. This system was developed by RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted police) at the beginning of the 1990th.

UTAP, stands for the Project of Tracing and the Analysis of the Criminal of Utah

Brings together experts from forensic medicine, the analysis of a crime scene, psychiatry and other areas to check unresolved cases on local law enforcement agencies.

International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) - gate of DNA of the Interpol

Provides data transmission about a profile between two or more countries and for comparison of profiles which correspond to Interpol standards in the centralized database. Researchers can get access to a database through the Interpol of National Central Bureau (NCB), using safe global police communication systems of the Interpol, I-24/7.

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Crime Fighting Computer Systems and Databases

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